Rainy days can be tricky whilst on holiday with the family but I thought I’d share a successful outing that kept three generations entertained!

We headed into Shrewsbury, around 18 miles from Moonrise Lodges. The guide book told us that the town is full of higgledy-piggledy streets with names you want to say out loud, a mixture of the old, the new and the quirky one offs. We headed off and soon found the Wyle Cop ( great independent shopping), Fish street, Butcher Row, Bear Steps and Grope Street, and yes we did say them out loud!

Our exploration led our clan to the H.M Dana Prison which closed in 2013. An unusual choice for a family day out you might think but it has great TripAdvisor reviews so we thought we’d give it a go. We went on an interactive tour of the prison led by ex-prison officers as our guides. The grandchildren were quickly testing out the stocks, heads through the holes. ‘Best place for them!’ their mother said.

The sobering tour hadn’t affected our appetites so our thoughts soon turned to lunch! Walking back to the centre we all piled into Bistro Jacques, a restaurant that specialises in French cuisine. A lovely restaurant which I’d recommend. If French food is not for you there are plenty of great restaurants all located in and around the centre of Shrewsbury.

We completed our day by visiting the Museum and Art Gallery in the afternoon which is just around the corner from the restaurant. Here we learn’t all about the history of Shrewsbury from pre-history to the present day. The cafe and shop proved to be a big hit with all the family.

Shrewsbury had plenty more to offer, fantastic shopping with many independent shops and a large covered indoor market perfect for rainy days. Although visiting a prison with children may sound a little strange they were unusually well behaved for the entire day, I wonder why!