Discovering where milk comes from: A Closer Look at a Farm tour

Moonrise Lodges is home to two beautiful wooden lodges set within our 250-acre working dairy unit in the Shropshire Hills. My name is Caroline and I run the lodges whilst my husband Jon deals with everything thats required in the production of milk! Have you ever wondered what it must be like to milk over 200 cows before even sitting down for breakfast?  Join us  and discover the inner workings of dairy unit during your upcoming stay at Moonrise Lodges…

We (Caroline and Jon), alongside our two young girls, manage all 250 acres of family farmland. The Brook family have lived and worked on this spectacular area for three generations. We have over 400 cows, Stan and Zara, the sheep, Billy and Saffron, the goats, and a friendly flock of pet chickens. Most mornings, we wake up to the sound of roosters announcing the sunrise before the pigs and goats join in the chorus and demand their breakfast!

The idyllic Beeches Lake is just a stone’s throw away from the lodges. Children love to play in the trees and splash in the free-flowing stream before retreating to the fishing lodge for a tasty hot chocolate and marshmallows (or s’mores!). Our guests are more than welcome to use our lake and fishing lodge as well as embark upon one of our fascinating farm tours. You can easily spend the weekend here and not need to get back in the car, just relax unwind and enjoy your surroundings.

If the weather is right you can go wild swimming in the lake. We provide life jackets of varying sizes and there is a kayak and a paddle board for the very brave! As a family we have enjoyed the best days there with a picnic and maybe a bottle of wine and a BBQ in the evening watching the sunset.

The lake is popular with fishermen staying at the lodges and the lake is stocked with trout. It’s only £15 a day per rod to fish at the lake so please do contact me if this is something you are interested in.

A Dive into the Rich History of Agriculture in Shropshire

Shropshire has a rich agricultural history. The abundant natural resources provided the perfect canvas for farming; the meandering rivers, expansive forest areas and quality of the land offered an ideal landscape for rearing livestock. In 1343, Shropshire wool was valued higher than elsewhere in England.

To this day, Shropshire remains heavily agricultural. Sheep are bred and nurtured in the lowlands, and cattle are farmed in the southwest uplands, whereas dairy industry dominates the northern plain of the county. The main crops grown in Shropshire are grains, sugar beets and potatoes.

From Field to Fork: Understanding the Process at Moonrise Lodges

Here at Moonrise Lodges, we offer all of our guests a FREE tour of the dairy unit. Discover the inner workings, ride the impressive tractors and witness a milking during our specialist 90-minute tour. You also have the opportunity to feed the young calves and beef cows within our cattle sheds – a fun activity for all the family to enjoy! Make sure that if you are planning on coming along  that you pack suitable footwear and clothing.

Jon is an agricultural expert ( he he!), and he knows everything there is to know about cows! He comes along on every tour with us to talk you through the daily process of milking the cows and answer any questions you may have.

So, why not embark on an adventure with your family and experience something different? We have plenty of availability at our two luxury lodges, Swallow and Curlew throughout the whole year.

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