Have you ever wondered what it would be like to milk over 200 cows before breakfast?

Or wake up to the sound of chickens announcing the sunrise,  the snuffling pigs demanding their breakfast and the goats joining in the morning chorus so as not to be left out! Well, life on our farm starts early for Farmer Jon and our family. Luckily for you, our guest, you have the luxury of sleeping in knowing the adventures of the day will be waiting for you.

Our family have lived on this beautiful farm for three generations now and we love that we now have the opportunity to bring up our two girls here. My favourite thing in the world to do when we have a quiet afternoon is watching the girls and their friends extend their imaginations, as they dodge and leap through the trees and jump and splash in the stream at Beeches Lake not ten minutes from the lodges. When the sun starts to dip we retreat to the fishing lodge for hot chocolate and marshmallows. It’s partly nostalgia for Farmer Jon remembering the days when he used to play in those same trees, and partly pride watching our children grow up in the same place. Maybe it will be Farmer Fern who takes the farm on next!

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