Sip the Essence: Shropshires Best Real Ales Surrounded by Nature

Visiting castles can sometimes have very pleasant side effects. Take my favourite hobby, for example. For some time now, I have been a member of CAMRA (campaign for real ale.) So when we travelled to Montgomery, I sent the family up the hill to the castle, and I went down to visit Monty’s Brewery.  The visitor’s centre explained the brewing process and the tasting room allowed me to sample some of the best of Shropshires real ales. I enjoyed Old Jaihouse and Best Offa. As Offa’s Dyke is not far from the Lodges, the latter one seemed very appropriate. Needless to say, I wasn’t driving back!

It seems that Chirk itself doesn’t have any specialist breweries, but I was able to buy a bottle of Chirk Castle Fortress Ale at the Castle itself.  I later discovered it is brewed at Monty’s Brewery.

At Stokesay Castle, I purchased a bottle of Stokesay Castle Ale which has won several awards, I gather. The afternoon tea in the cafe was enjoyed by all.

When you consider Shrewsbury’s Micro breweries you are spoilt for choice. I opted to visit the Salopian Brewery shop. How does Darwin’s Original Hop Twister sound to you?

Of the five castles we visited, for me, the jewel in the crown was Ludlow. Ludlow is renowned for its fine food and drink producers and is now one of the leading brewing regions in the UK. My spotlight fell on the Ludlow Brewing Company. After a tour, samples were available. I liked Black Night – very tasty.

Only 7 miles from Moonrise Lodges is Bishops Castle, where they are blessed to have two Real Ale Breweries. Bishops Castle really is a mecca for all Real ale lovers!
Bishops Castle has a long history of brewing beer and the world famous The Three Tuns Brewery, is the oldest licenced Brewery in the country and has been brewing for over 400 years.
The Six Bells brewery was originally set up as a community brewery over 20 years ago and is located at the bottom of the town. You can tour each of the breweries and finish the day with a lovely meal at one of the many pubs in the town.

If you’d like to stay with us at Moonrise Lodges whilst sampling all these lovely ales, get in contact